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–  Mekhlee

Wearing a strong piece of jewelry makes me feel like I have an extra armor…. And this gorgeous headpiece made in gold took my breath away….
The fine work, the way it sits & my eternal love for ghoongroos … Folks if you shopping for jewelry for any occasion, be the festivities or a wedding.. do not forget to stop by Sirkar and Sons.
They have some excellent collection that will make your heart skip a beat…

–   Sridhar Seshadri 

Best place for low weight jewellery. Fantastic designs, collections & patterns. Excellent team, with professional approach.

– Sanjay Panda

Great design and so many options for jewellery.

– Debasish Dattaray

Mind blowing innovative designs and genuine quality suiting all budgets.

– Saswati Bhattacharyya

Awesome Designs… customised jewellery.

–   Anusua Banerjee

I have always been over satisfied with them. Sirkar & Sons designs authentic Bengali designs with affordable budget. If ever anyone wants to buy Bengali ornaments, it’s a must visit. I am sure you will be more than satisfied.

– Puneet Dewli

They not only specialize in light weight jewellery but also in giving you a great experience every single time you visit them. I wear a gold chain bought from them over 12 years ago and it looks brand new even now and am complimented for it by many. They are also a go-to-brand when it comes to authentic Bengali jewellery. You must visit to believe it, I’m sure you will love it. Thanks .

– Sharmistha Chakraborty

I visited Sirkar & sons , Ghatkopar for the first time , purchase bangles (with red pola), also they have suggested me the design which is really beautiful . i am really satisfied to get such Bengali jewelers in Mumbai .Definitely i would recommend it to all who love authentic Bengali jewelry.

– Rakhi Dobhal

I am a regular customer at this shop. I have come here many times, but the ethics and the value for customers has been increasing significantly. The jewellery, especially the Bengali jewellery is very beautiful. Light-weight ornaments(at Sirkar and Sons) just look like the heavy-weight ones at other stores but the light-weight ones are vey affordable. Overall customer service is also very good and the atmosphere is cozy. Very polite owner and staff. 🙂

– Saurabhi De

It’s a mid sized Bengali jewellery showroom with a nice variety of gold, silver and imitation jewellery. It is owned by the Sirkar family and has a friendly team and nice ambience. It is on the busy but peaceful location on Jhulelal Chowk. You will get street parking there. Price is decent. They have many designs which are updated from time to time as per trends.

– Abhishek Roy

Authentic bengali jewellery .. must visit for bengali jewellery .Genuine jewellers and good gold quality and friendly behaviour by staff and everyone.

– Sidharrta Subba

Honesty and integrity backed by craftsmanship of generations.
They are the Best.

– Udayan Chakraborty

Great jewelry design. Specialist in Kolkata style jewelry..

– Soma Roy Samajdar

I am buying gold ornaments from them for past 8 years. I am very happy.

– Varun Vora

Good store for jewellery.